What Are Some Traits of an English Chocolate Labrador?

What Are Some Traits of an English Chocolate Labrador?

English chocolate Labradors are intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. Historically, the English Lab was bred for show, unlike its counterpart, the American Labrador, which was bred to be a hunter.

English Labs tend to calm down after the puppy stage and become eager-to-please and well-behaved.

They have a heavier, stockier build and are more calm in comparison with the American Lab. The English Lab was bred to be a show dog so its looks and temperament were the primary focus for decades of specialized breeding. American Labs have a higher energy drive and are more athletic because they were bred for field competition. The English Lab is the preferred pet for the more laid-back owner.

English Labs, though not as ebullient as American Labs, still need a lot of exercise. They can become overweight very quickly due to their compulsion to constantly eat. Owners need to keep a tidy house because the Lab is likely to make a meal out of garbage, clothing and toys left scattered about.

English Labs love the company of children and thrive on the energy they bring. If a Lab has a lot of exposure to other dogs, cats or small animals, and has been trained how to interact with them, they can become loyal friends.