What Are the Traits of a Czech Shepherd?

Czech shepherds are typically known for their even temperament, intelligence, high energy and drive. The Czech shepherd breed is from the German working line of German shepherds and was bred to produce working dogs. They have a natural tendency to be protective and obedient, and they are also great trackers. These dogs excel as military or police dogs and serve well as assistance dogs.

The Czech shepherd is often cautious with strangers, exhibiting a defensive posture when approached. These dogs mature slower than those of other shepherd lines, but their working drive is inherent from birth. Czech shepherds, like most German shepherds, have an intelligence that makes training easy. The Czech shepherd’s even temperament doesn’t mean it is not capable of anger; when threatened or in protection mode, a Czech shepherd can be quite dangerous, with strong, agile attacks that can stun an opponent.

The color of Czech shepherds varies, with common colors being black and tan, black and red, sable, or solid black. They make excellent family dogs and are well behaved with children. Their high energy levels demand a lot of activity. Regular outside activity, such as walking or running, is a great way to release their energy and prevent unwanted or destructive behavior in the home.