What Are the Traits of a Blue Heeler/lab Mix?

The Daily Puppy explains that blue heeler and lab mixes are commonly referred to as ''Labraheelers.'' This breed of dog is extremely intelligent and hard working. They require constant movement, so they are not ideal for inactive people. These dogs have the term worker ingrained into their bloodline because of their parents. These dogs are a hybrid breed, which originates from two pure breeds that are both worker dogs.

Because these dogs are highly intelligent, they are easy to train. They are obedient, affectionate and energetic. They learn tricks and tasks very quickly, so this is the perfect dog to have on a farm. They are scent dogs with very good noses, so they can track down scents with little effort; this makes them perfect for hunting or search and rescue missions.

They are friendly with family members but can be hesitant with strangers. Although they are not aggressive, they can be standoffish with new people. However, once they are properly introduced they eventually warm up to newcomers. They need constant stimulation and strive in new and exciting environments. They love being around family, and they hate being left alone for extended periods of time. They are good with children, but they do not respond well to rough play, so they require supervision.