What Are Some Traits of Black Lab Pups?


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Black Lab pups, like all Labrador retrievers, are some of the easiest puppies to train. They are intelligent and eager to learn, with a desire to please their master. While labs are sporting dogs with a lot of energy, they are also very predictable in behavior. When provided with appropriate training and a healthy lifestyle, labs are rarely disobedient.

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What Are Some Traits of Black Lab Pups?
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Lab puppies grow into large dogs, weighing between 55 and 80 pounds. They are full of energy and require daily exercise, or they become boisterous. They thrive on human interaction and are not dogs that should be left alone for extended periods.

Labs are sweet in nature and affectionate. Their ease of training makes them ideal as working dogs. While originally bred to retrieve waterfowl shot by hunters, some Labs have been trained to detect cancer, as service dogs to assist the blind or as therapy dogs to provide emotional support for patients in hospitals.

While Labs have a reputation of doing well around children, an adult should always monitor them. Labs do best with an active family. They shed seasonally and require regular grooming to keep their waterproof coat in good shape. While labs are generally quiet dogs, they bark at sudden noises. Unless trained otherwise, they have a tendency to chew items.

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