What Are Some Traits of an Akita and Labrador Mix?

Some physical traits that are characteristic of Labrakitas are a curled tail, a black body with small spots of white, a black nose, long legs and a thick coat. Labrakitas are also heavy shedders and need to be brushed repeatedly during the spring and summer.

Labrakitas are known for being excellent family dogs and have a very mild personality, which allows them to get along with children and other dogs extremely well. They are not very trusting of strangers but will not threaten or be aggressive toward those that they are not familiar with. Labrakitas are also very receptive to being trained and are able to retain their composure somewhat when surrounded by large groups of people or other dogs.

They are very enthusiastic in their play with other dogs and people and are generally very patient with small children as well. They are also very aware of pain or weaknesses, and Labrakitas will go out of their way to avoid further injuring or antagonizing a weakened fellow dog or human. Labrakitas require a lot of exercise, as they have an enormous amount of stamina. They should be exposed to other dogs, as they are a relatively social species. They are generally very healthy and without allergies.