How Do You Train a Toy Poodle Puppy to Fetch?


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Teach a toy poodle puppy to fetch by first teaching him to chase an object, then add extra motivation by holding him back while you throw the object, and teach him to retrieve by calling him back while he holds the object in his mouth. Pick an object that the dog likes to teach him to fetch, because he will not fetch an object he does not want.

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The toy poodle puppy may like to catch the thrown object and then run away rather than return to you. Attach the dog's collar to a leash and wiggle the leash or run away from the dog after he catches the object to encourage him to follow you. Praise the puppy when he comes close to you.

Another issue is getting the object back after you throw it. The toy poodle puppy may drop the object before he comes all the way back to you. Commands like "all the way" or "bring it" encourage him to complete the retrieval. The puppy may not drop the object once he returns to you. Command him to "drop it" and hold a treat by his nose so that he drops the object to grab the treat. Commanding the puppy to sit and stay before picking up the object prevents him from trying to grab the object before you do.

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