How Do You Train a Puppy to Walk on a Leash?


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Teach a dog to walk on a leash by giving verbal commands and rewarding the dog for walking nicely. Gradually increase the distance walked while you decrease the frequency of treats.

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  1. Prepare for training

    Set up the training by filling your left pocket or a pouch with small dog treats. Attach a leash to your dog's collar or harness and position the dog on the left side of your body. Hold treats in your left hand in front of the dog's nose.

  2. Use verbal commands

    Give a verbal command when you start walking with the dog on a leash, like "Here we go," "Come on" or "Let's walk." This gives the dog a cue to follow.

  3. Reward with treats

    As you walk, give the dog treats every few seconds to reinforce good behavior.

  4. Stop when necessary

    Pause whenever the dog pulls at the leash to stop the unwanted behavior. Call the dog's name to get his attention. Once again put treats in your hand, hold them in front of the dog's nose, and continue walking. Use a verbal command.

  5. Increase distance

    Gradually increase the distance walked with the dog each day you train. Increase the number of steps between treats.

  6. Drop your hand

    After a week of training with a hand in front of the dog's face, drop your left hand to your side. Continue periodically rewarding the dog with treats.

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