How Do You Train a Puppy Not to Bite?

Train your puppy not to bite by reinforcing positive behavior, offering distractions and teaching gentle play. You can also try giving time-outs and ignoring your puppy when he tries to bite.

  1. Show your puppy that biting hurts

    When your puppy bites you, give a yelp. Stop playing immediately. This helps teach your pet that biting is bad behavior.

  2. Ignore your pet

    When your pet bites, turn and walk away, and ignore it for several seconds. You can also tether your pet for one minute after every bite. Turn away, but don't leave the space.

  3. Reinforce positive behavior

    If the puppy stops biting when you yelp, offer a treat and plenty of praise. Eventually your pet catches on and changes its behavior.

  4. Socialize your dog

    Give your puppy time to interact and roughhouse with other puppies and adult dogs. This allows all the dogs to burn off energy.

  5. Provide chew toys

    Keep chew toys on hand for your puppy to use. Offer praise when your pet uses the toys instead of biting. Treats may also be effective.

  6. Make yourself taste bad

    Taste deterrents are available commercially. Spray your clothes and skin with these products to make your skin taste displeasing to your pet.

  7. Be patient

    Nipping and biting are normal for puppies. Being consistent in your training enforces good behavior.