How Do You Train a Pit Bull Puppy?


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Owners can train pit bull puppies the same way they would train any other large breed dog. The breed has a bad reputation due to poor training and mishandling; pit bulls need consistency, social interaction, reinforcement of good behaviors and ample exercise. A pit bull owner who takes the time to properly train his or her dog will have a loyal companion that provides love and protection.

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Begin training by creating a consistent rewards and punishment system to show the dog which behaviors are acceptable. Canine discipline should not include any form of physical attacks, such as spankings or beating the dog with an object like a newspaper or rolled up magazine. When the dog exhibits undesirable behaviors, respond with a stern voice and choose crate training or baby gate training over physical punishment.

Always use the same methods to teach good behaviors and show disapproval for bad behaviors. A pit bull responds positively when it understands the world around it, and training consistency provides that understanding. Use the same verbal and physical cues for "sit," "stay" or "down" each time training is provided.

Social interaction is important to help reduce aggressive tendencies in large breed dogs. Begin socializing the pit bull puppy with other dogs early on, and use the same reward and punishment system. Do not use isolation punishment for dogs struggling with social interaction, as this can lead to aggressive behavior.

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