How Do You Train a Maltese?


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Maltese puppies are sensitive and don'trespond well to yelling or other disciplinary actions, says the Daily Puppy. Instead, Maltese should be trained using consistency, sensitivity and compassion rather than yelling and spanking.

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  1. Train proper elimination behavior

    Like all small-breed puppies, Maltese cannot "hold it" for long so scheduling frequent walks is important for housebreaking. A consistent schedule of feeding and walking helps the puppy learn. Plan to walk the puppy about 10 minutes after each feeding. Select a "potty spot" and every time the puppy is taken out for potty, go straight to the potty spot. When the puppy starts to go, say the chosen "potty cue word," and as the puppy finishes, praise and reward the puppy. Place the puppy in a crate when it can't be watched carefully.

  2. Train loose-leash walking

    With a puppy, the easiest way to teach loose-leash walking is to consistently use the "be a tree" method. If the puppy pulls against the leash, the dog owner freezes and refuses to move. This teaches the dog that pulling doesn't get the dog anything. The only way the dog can move around and visit the environment is if the leash is slack.

  3. Train manners

    To train manners, consistency is the most important factor. If it's not okay for the dog to jump up on people, eat shoes or get on the couch, then this behavior must never be allowed. While training the puppy, the puppy should be watched 100 percent of the time or placed in a crate so that it can be given consistent feedback about how to behave.

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