How Do You Train a Labrador Puppy?

How Do You Train a Labrador Puppy?

To train Labrador Retrievers, introduce one behavior at a time, use consistent commands, keep the training sessions short, reward them positively for displaying desired behaviors, and discourage all negative behaviors. Labrador Retrievers are a highly intelligent breed that thrive on structured training with positive reinforcement through reward.

  1. Introduce one new behavior at a time

    Choose one behavior at a time to concentrate on. Once that skill has been mastered, build on it with new tricks. Teaching too many commands at once can confuse your puppy.

  2. Use consistent commands

    As explained by the ASPCA, English is a foreign language to dogs. Initially, the words you use do not have much meaning your Labrador puppy, but over time, and if used consistently, dogs begin to associate the words you use with the behavior desired.

  3. Keep training sessions short

    Puppies have limited attention spans, so it is important to train your pup several times throughout the day for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

  4. Reward positive, desired behaviors

    Labrador puppies quickly learn to associate desired behaviors with getting a treat.

  5. Discourage negative behavior by withholding rewards

    Puppies also associate unruly or undesired behaviors with not receiving a reward or praise. Always withhold praise and rewards instead of yelling at or striking your puppy.