How Do You Train a Husky?

How Do You Train a Husky?

Train a husky by asserting your dominance from the beginning of the relationship, establishing rules of conduct and offering positive reinforcement. Do not use punishment as a deterrent to bad behavior.

  1. Establish yourself as the alpha leader

    Because huskies are instinctively pack animals, it is imperative for you to assert your dominance from the beginning of your relationship. Lead your husky, and do not let your dog lead you. When your husky is blocking your way, move it instead of stepping over or around it. Feed your family and yourself first and your husky after. Instead of going to your dog during playtime, call him to come to you.

  2. Establish rules of behavior

    Establish rules of behavior for your husky and never deviate from them. Keep the rules clear. If you sometimes do not want your husky climbing on certain pieces of furniture, never allow him on any furniture. Create an area that belongs to your husky, and establish strict limitations on entering other parts of the house, as roaming freely is an alpha activity. Do not allow dominant behavior such as jumping up on you, biting you, or barking or yelping for attention.

  3. Give positive reinforcement

    Reward good behavior with positive reinforcement such as snacks and toys. Do not allow a husky puppy access to all his toys at once, but rather use them as training incentives. Huskies do not respond well to punishments, which tend to confuse them.