How Do You Train a Female Doberman?

How Do You Train a Female Doberman?

How Do You Train a Female Doberman?

Train your female Doberman by emphasizing natural behaviors, rewarding her and maintaining consistency. Daily trainings take between 10 to 15 minutes and require treats.

  1. Start when the dog is a puppy

    Young dogs are still in the learning phase, so it's best to start training when they're puppies. Ideally, your dog should see you as the lead dog in her pack, which makes her more willing to please you.

  2. Emphasize natural behaviors

    Start with a basic task, such as sitting. When you see her sit down on her own, give the verbal command for sitting. Reward her with praise.

  3. Build on the natural behavior

    During a training session, give her the command for the target behavior, such as sitting. If she doesn't sit, push her hind quarters down gently into a sitting position, and reward her. Repeat the action several times each session.

  4. Reward positive behavior

    Reward her with treats and affirmations when she displays the target behavior. This also gives her a positive association with training sessions, which makes her more likely to want to please you.

  5. Do not punish the dog

    Your Doberman wants to please you. If she indulges in an incorrect behavior, withdraw your attention. That is sufficient for her to understand you do not like what she did.

  6. Keep consistent with the training

    Adhere to a regular training session of at least three times a week. Always use the same verbal commands for the behavior you want. As your Doberman becomes familiar with the actions, gradually wean her from treats. However, always praise her for her correct behavior.