How Do You Train Your Dog to Stay?


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Train your dog to stay by using a high-value treat and teach the initial behavior. Then, slowly work on distance and duration of the behavior until your dog stays reliably.

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  1. Tell your dog to sit

    This basic behavior is the starting point from which you will train your dog to "stay."

  2. Give the "stay" command firmly

    Make a hand signal with your palm up and facing toward the dog. Keep the command consistent throughout your training.

  3. Wait a few seconds, and give your dog a treat

    The treat rewards the behavior even if it was only a brief stay. This helps your dog learn to do exactly what you want him to.

  4. Increase the time between the command "stay" and giving the treat.

    This improves the duration of the behavior. If your dog breaks the "sit," withhold the treat, and correct your dog by having him sit again, then start over.

  5. Give the "stay" command, and then step away from your dog

    This helps teach your dog a reliable "stay" behavior from a distance. If your dog breaks the sit when you step away, guide him back to the starting point, tell him to sit, and start teaching the "stay" command over again.

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