How Do You Train a Dog to Sit?


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Teach a dog to sit by guiding it into the sitting position, while saying the word "sit." Do this with a treat in view, and then give the treat once the dog is in the sitting position.

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  1. Say the word "sit" each time you practice

    This gives your dog a verbal cue, and it should eventually learn what the cue means.

  2. Keep a treat close to your dog's face

    Don't let the dog take the treat until it is in the sitting position, but keep the treat where the dog can see and smell it.

  3. Gently push your pet into a sitting position

    As you say sit and hold the treat within sight, push your dog's rump toward the floor.

  4. Give praise

    Once your dog is in the sitting position, offer the treat. Give the dog plenty of praise, scratch its head, or rub its belly.

  5. Take away the treat

    When you feel confident that your dog understands the cues, try getting it to sit without using a treat. Hold your hand in front of its face as you did with the treat previously, and give the command. If the dog sits, you can offer it a treat from your pocket, or provide praise.

  6. Be consistent

    It typically requires a few practice tries before your dog understands what you want from it. Keep trying, and your pet should learn.

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