How Do You Train Your Dog to Play Dead?


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To train your dog to play dead, start with a down position, get her to roll onto her back, and reward her for the correct behavior. Repeat the training daily for a minimum of 10 days. Training takes 10 minutes per session and requires treats or a clicker.

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How Do You Train Your Dog to Play Dead?
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  1. Prepare your dog

    Play with your dog or take her for a walk so that she's relaxed. This also allows her to burn off excess energy.

  2. Put your dog in a down position

    Your dog should already be trained to lie down on command. Once she's down, kneel in front of her with a treat in your hand.

  3. Give the command

    A common verbal command for playing dead is "bang." This can be accompanied by a gesture mimicking a gun.

  4. Roll your dog

    Start with the treat near the dog's shoulder. Give the verbal command, and move the treat over your dog's head to the other shoulder. Simultaneously push her shoulder gently so that she lies on her side. Roll her onto her back so that her belly is exposed.

  5. Reward your dog

    Rub your dog's belly and say, "Good dog." If using treats as a reward, give her the cookie now. You can also train your dog using the clicker method.

  6. Repeat the training

    Repeat the steps several times for each session. Maintain consistency with the verbal command and the hand gesture if you choose to use it. If your dog gets frustrated, abbreviate the training, and return to it the following day.

  7. Wean off the reward

    Gradually stop touching your dog to induce her to roll over. Eventually replace the treats with verbal affirmations.

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