How Do You Train Your Dog to Come?

To train a dog to come when called, use a leash and collar, the command "come," hand motions for encouragement and praise when the command is obeyed. The necessary supplies are a leash and collar. The difficulty level of this task is average.

  1. Pick a spot indoors

    To begin training a dog to come when called, pick a spot indoors to start with. Eventually, move the training outdoors.

  2. Leash the dog

    Be sure to put the dog on a leash, but let him run about freely on the leash following his regular routine.

  3. Call the dog's name and give the command

    Standing near the end of the leash, without having the dog's full attention, call his name followed by the command "come." Use an upbeat voice, but do not over excite the dog. If he does not obey, gently tug the leash for encouragement. Always use a positive tone.

  4. Praise the dog for obedience

    As soon as the dog obeys the command, reward him with a lot of petting and praise. Do not reward the dog with treats. If rewarded with treats, he may not obey the command when he sees you don't have any.

  5. Repeat the process

    Repeat this process up to six times over the time span of up to three days.