How Do You Train a Dog Not to Bite?


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To train a dog not to bite, give it a chew toy, let it mouth your hand, and refuse to play when it bites. Accustom your dog to sudden movements using toys, and praise your dog when it obeys you.

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  1. Give your dog a chew toy

    Give your dog a chew toy it can bite at leisure.

  2. Allow the dog to mouth your hand

    Let your dog mouth your hand, and then make a loud sound if it tries to bite you. Praise your dog if it mouths your hand without biting.

  3. Stop playing

    If your dog bites your hand, immediately stop interacting with it. Turn around, and avoid making eye contact for a minute or two.

  4. Continue training

    Continue allowing your dog to mouth your hand, and keep ignoring it whenever it bites you. To avoid isolating your dog, don't punish it.

  5. Handle your dog

    Handle your dog often to accustom it to touch. Once your dog is comfortable around you, periodically raise its lip, and praise the dog when it doesn't bite you.

  6. Accustom your dog to movement

    Play with your dog using toys to desensitize it to sudden movements. If the dog bites you during play, temporarily ignore it.

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