How Do You Train a Chihuahua?

The Chihuahua needs to be trained using positive reinforcement and an authoritative attitude on the part of the owner. Regardless of the temperament of the Chihuahua puppy, the same technique must be used and owners must remember that while Chihuahuas are very intelligent, they are also quite stubborn.

When training it is important that owners remember just how small the Chihuahua is as a dog. A choke chain should never be used because it can severely and permanently injure the dog's neck. A harness is the best choice for walks because if the owner needs to pull the dog away from the road or correct the dog with a short pull, the dog's neck cannot be harmed.

It is also important to remember that because of the Chihuahua's intelligence, they can become bored if the training does not move quickly. These dogs do not like punishment or scolding so it is important to use only positive reinforcement. This can be done by rewarding the Chihuahua for each command that it learns with praise, petting or a small food morsel. Food seems to work best for young puppies who are just beginning to learn commands. Training should be on a regular schedule, and the owner should make an effort to have fun as well. The best commands to begin with when training the Chihuahua are the basic ones of sit, stay, come and down.