How Do You Train Your Cat to Use a Toilet?

How Do You Train Your Cat to Use a Toilet?

To train a cat to use a toilet, place a specially designed litter box inside the toilet bowl. Once the cat gets used to climbing onto the toilet for its bathroom activities, start slowly removing the amount of litter. Eventually, the whole box can be removed.

Toilet training a cat can take up to four months and should only be attempted with cats three months old or older. To be a successful candidate, the cat should be comfortable using a litter box and be able to jump at least 2 feet.

Start by moving the litter box into the bath room and leave it there for a few days. Once the cat is consistently going to the bathroom, start having it jump up onto the closed toilet seat lid. This can be accomplished by using treats and praise.

Now the cat is ready to have its litter box moved to the toilet. There are a variety of commercial and homemade options available, but it's important to make sure the litter container fits inside the bowl and that the seat can shut over it.

Encourage the cat to jump up onto the seat, and use the bathroom. Once the habit is established, start using less and less litter. Soon, the cat no longer needs the litter box, but is able to stand on the toilet seat to go.

It's important to remember toilet training is not right for every cat. If it appears to be causing stress or anxiety, stop the training and revert back to the previous method.