How Do You Train a Bunny?

How Do You Train a Bunny?

How Do You Train a Bunny?

Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box in the same way as cats. Adult rabbits are more receptive to training than younger ones. You need a litter box, timothy hay, newspaper and a large cage to train a rabbit effectively.

  1. Have the rabbit spayed or neutered

    Take the rabbit to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered. Doing so makes him or her easier to train.

  2. Prepare the litter box

    When buying a litter box, ensure that the pan is large enough for the animal to get comfortable. Line the litter box with newspaper, and fill it with timothy hay. Avoid using pine wood or cedar shavings.

  3. Place the litter box near bathroom areas

    Observe the bunny to see where it relieves itself. Allow that to be the designated spot by placing the litter box on the bathroom area. If you see the bunny lift its head or tail near corners, firmly tell it "no," and scoot it to a place near the litter box. Once the bunny begins using the box, expand the areas where it can roam freely. Keep the litter box clean to get the animal more acclimated to using it.

  4. Use multiple litter boxes

    If the animal is having trouble using the litter box, add more than one box around the play area to help the animal further make the connection. If the rabbit begins using the bathroom outside of the litter box, repeat the steps as necessary.