How Do You Train a Beagle?


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It is best to train beagles with positive, nonviolent methods using a rewards system that values consistency. Beagles respond best to treats because they love food. It is best to begin training as early as possible to ensure that no bad habits develop. However, it is possible to train adult beagles.

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It is no longer recommended that dog owners use harsh discipline and physical punishment to train beagles or any other dog breed. Beagles tend to be stubborn, but with consistency they are fast learners. Beagles tend to learn basic commands faster than a lot of other breeds. However, beagle puppies are often more difficult to potty train. They require close supervision and confinement, and many owners choose to crate train. Sticking to a rigid schedule is crucial to properly house train a beagle.

Beagles are rarely safe to take off of the leash, because they are energetic and impulsive. It is important to teach the "come" command at an early age to ensure that the beagle immediately returns to his owner if he breaks free.

Finally, a beagle should be taught to calmly walk without pulling the leash taut. Since they are highly energetic dogs, they tend to pull hard on the leash, dragging behind them whatever or whomever happens to be on the other end.

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