How Do You Train an Akita Puppy?


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The most important part of training an Akita puppy is giving it plenty of socialization, which means introducing it in a safe and pleasant way to many other people, dogs and situations. Akitas can become aggressive if this step is not taken.

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How Do You Train an Akita Puppy?
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To housebreak your Akita puppy, keep a close eye on it at all times. Many people use a tether to keep the puppy attached as they go about their day, but confining the puppy in the same room as you also works. Take the puppy outside every two hours or so and reward it for urinating or defecating. If you see the puppy start to go inside the house, calmly interrupt it and take it outside, and then praise it. Try not to scold or scare your puppy, because it may simply learn not to relieve itself when you are around. When you are not around, confine it to a small, safe area such as a bathroom or gated-off area of the kitchen.

Puppies typically respond well to positive reinforcement for obedient training. Give lots of rewards when your puppy learns a new command. If your puppy is struggling to learn a command, you may need to break it down into smaller steps or change your approach. Try not to let your puppy fail too often because it may get frustrated. Puppies also respond well to a lot of variety during training sessions, so teach a few different commands and keep the sessions short.

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