What Is a Toy Labradoodle?


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A toy Labradoodle is a small dog that is half toy poodle and half Labrador retriever. While the appearance and temperament of crossbreeds are difficult to predict, the characteristics of toy Labradoodles tend to reflect those of the two breeds involved.

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Toy Labradoodles are popular because they are cute and intelligent pets. They are usually small enough to be lap dogs, as toy poodles typically weigh only 6 to 9 pounds. Labrador retrievers average 55 to 75 pounds, with some males exceeding 100 pounds. Because of the size disparity, breeders use artificial insemination to mix the dogs.

Labs and poodles are relatively easy to train. Both are highly sociable and form strong bonds with their owners. Each breed is usually good with kids and other pets, though poorly socialized poodles are prone to snapping. Experts do not recommend toy poodles for families with young children. Labs and poodles are good watch dogs.

While Labs are renowned for their calm temperaments, some toy poodles are either nervous or shy. As with other tiny breeds, the toy poodle can develop "small-dog syndrome" if it is not trained to accept its owner as pack leader. Because of their intelligence, both breeds require daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent undesirable behavior from developing.

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