What Are Some Tough Dog Names?

tough-dog-names Credit: Teresa Guerrero/Vetta/Getty Images

What constitutes a tough dog name is often a matter of opinion, and there are thousands of names could be considered tough dog names. Common choices are names borrowed from tough individuals, aggressive traits or other animals or items which are perceived to be tough. Examples include names like Wolf, Killer, Atilla, Tank and Viking.

Mythological figures are sometimes used as inspiration for tough dog names. For example, the names Thor, Zeus or Hercules bring to mind power and toughness. Additionally, powerful leaders and individuals, such as Caesar, Duke or Patton also make good tough dog names.

Some owners name their dogs after other tough animals, such as Lion, Viper, Bear or Panther. Others choose tough dog names that are borrowed from aggressive traits or dangerous things include Hulk, Menace, Razor or Storm.