What Are the Top-Selling Farm Goats?


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Some good examples of top-selling farm goats are Nubian, Alpine, LaMancha, Kinder, Oberhasli, Saanen and Toggenburg, all breeds that are commonly kept for milking. Breeds such as Angora, Pygora and Nigora are popular for their fleece and used for producing cashmere and mohair.

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What Are the Top-Selling Farm Goats?
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Goats are kept by farmers and hobbyists for milk, fleece and meat. Goat meat is a staple food in many cultures around the world, but as of 2016 it is not currently in demand in the U.S. The top-selling varieties in North America are the well-known dairy producers. Nigerian Dwarf goats are one popular breed that have traditionally been bred for both meat and dairy, but they have also become popular as pets due to their small size and simple maintenance.

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