What Are the Top 10 Male Dog Names?

The 10 most popular names for male dogs are Max, Charlie, Buddy, Jack, Cooper, Rocky, Riley, Toby, Bear and Harley, according to Rover.com's December 2013 list of the most popular dog names. The 10 most popular female dog names include Bella, Lucy, Bailey, Daisy, Lily, Molly, Lola, Maggie, Sadie and Chloe.

Some of the other popular male dog names that made it on the list of the 100 most popular names include Buster, Teddy, Duke, Oliver, Bailey, Milo, Riley, Dexter, Oscar, Lucky, Bentley, Winston, Harley, Louie, Sammy, Cody, Jackson, Murphy, Leo, Henry, Sam, Zeus, Baxter, Gus and Bandit.

It is interesting to note that none of the top 10 baby names for boys or girls made an appearance in Rover's list of the most popular dog names, according to Rover.com. The site compiles the list annually by reviewing its database of hundreds of thousands of registered dog names.

There is little crossover between popular dog names and popular cat names, as listed by You Pet LLC. The top 10 most popular cat names of either gender are Kitty, Tiger, Smokey, Shadow, Tigger, Baby, Princess, Max, Angel and Oreo.