What Are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks?


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According to the Discovery Channel, the top 10 most dangerous sharks are bull sharks, great white sharks, tiger sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, shortfin mako sharks, grey reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, blue sharks and lemon sharks. While sharks rarely attack people, some species are more prone to attacking humans than others, and over half of all lethal attacks come from the top three most dangerous sharks.

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Bull sharks prefer warm, shallow waters near the shore and even have been found in fresh waters. They hide in murky waters and attack by circling their prey and bumping it before biting it repeatedly. When the prey can no longer escape, the bull shark eats it.

Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish, weighing as much as 2,450 pounds. Their 300 arrowhead-shaped teeth are designed to rip large chunks out of their prey. Great white sharks have a highly developed sense of smell and can detect one drop of blood in 10 million drops of water.

Tiger sharks are known for their indiscriminate diet that includes crustaceans, birds, dolphins, other sharks and even inedible man-made objects, such as license plates and tires. Tiger sharks frequent coastal waters as shallow as 10 feet deep, which makes them particularly dangerous to humans.

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