What Are the Top 10 Chicken Names?

According to PetNames.net, the top ten chicken names are Anastasia, Katie, Aryana, Clovis, Angel, Blossom, Dixie, Chanel, Lou Ellen, Abby and Yetta. Suggested names for roosters include Ricardo, Angelo and Sherlock.

The MyPetChicken website notes that most pet chickens are girls. Therefore, the majority of names for chickens are feminine-sounding names. Because females in a flock can greatly outnumber the males, some flocks even adopt a female as the "rooster." This female guard often takes on male traits. She not only crows like a rooster, but she may even cease laying eggs. Some hens in this position will grow small spurs like a rooster, too. If you name a chicken with a female name and it takes on some male characteristics, you may have to switch the name, perhaps changing "Angel" to "Angelo." Giving a bird a unisex name such as "Skylar" can avoid this issue.

According the Humane Society, chickens not only come when they are called, they also communicate in up to 24 different ways. Even baby chicks within their eggs can communicate. Little peeps let the broody hen know that her chicks are shivering, which prompts her to turn the eggs. If they make a purring sound, then the baby chicks are letting the mother bird know they are comfortable