What Are Some Tips for Writing Classified Ads to Find Pets?


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Some tips for creating an effective missing pet classified ad include drafting a short description of the pet and providing the owner's phone number. Include a simple headline at the top of the ad stating "Missing Pet" in bold or capital letters. Offering a reward provides a valuable incentive for anyone who finds the pet to return it to its rightful owner, but do not state the amount of the reward in the ad.

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Local newspapers often publish missing pet ads for free. In addition, Craigslist offers a free resource for publishing details about the missing animal and enlisting help finding him.

Owners of lost pets can create posters to place around the neighborhood where the animal went missing. Use brightly colored paper and large lettering for the poster. Take copies of the poster to local veterinary clinics, dog parks, groomers and pet supply stores.

Call the local animal shelter daily to see whether the animal has been picked up by animal control personnel. Owners should also visit the shelter in person to search for their pets.

Use social media to let members of the community know that the pet is missing. Post the pet's photo on Facebook and include information about where and when the animal disappeared. Some shelters also host Facebook pages for posting missing pet notifications.

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