What Are Some Tips for Treating Dogs With Diabetes?


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Helpful tips to treat a dog with diabetes include giving insulin at the same time each day, not feeding it wet food from packets due to high sugar content and exercising the dog regularly. Helping a dog maintain a happy life with diabetes is very similar to what humans with diabetes need to do.

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Some dogs may not want to eat with the change in diet after being diagnosed. This happens many times if dogs are used to wet food with lots of sugar in it. To help entice the dog to eat, talk to the vet about food that can be added to dry low sugar food without harming the pet. Things like shredded chicken or low-sodium chicken broth and even a spoonful of certain types of canned dog food can tempt the dog to try the new food. These additions can eventually be backed off as needed.

Exercise may be one of the best ways to help a dog control its sugar. By getting out and walking or running, the dog's body will naturally lower its sugar levels. It also helps lower the dog's weight, which should naturally lower the dog's blood sugar. Even with the exercise and food, if the insulin isn't given at the same time every day, it can cause sugar to spike or to drop too low. This can cause the dog to become very sick or the diabetes to get worse.

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