What Are Some Tips for Training a Shiba Inu?


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To train a shiba inu dog, begin the training very young, use positive reinforcement, keep training sessions short and encourage visitors to give the dog a treat when they enter the home. Shiba inu dogs don't warm up to people quickly, so interaction with family and visitors is very important.

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What Are Some Tips for Training a Shiba Inu?
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The ideal time to begin training is at 6 weeks old. If one uses positive reinforcement, the shiba inu can learn basic commands, such as sitting, very quickly. Short training sessions are important because this breed of dog bores easily. The owner can keep the dog's attention during training sessions by using high levels of enthusiasm and giving the dog an abundance of attention.

Shiba inu owners are encouraged to keep a box of treats next to the door so that when visitors enter, they can initiate positive interaction with the dog by giving him a treat. If the dog is doing well socially, the visitor can ask the dog to sit and reward the dog with another treat. If the dog is having social or behavioral issues that the owner cannot correct, the owner is encouraged to call a trainer for an in-house consultation and a series of individualized training sessions.

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