What Are Some Tips for Training a Puppy?


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Pedigree.com explains that training is most effective when it begins as soon as possible after bringing a puppy home. At first, a puppy's basic training can be affected by the dog's name, environment and emotions, along with how the owner treats and rewards the dog.

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According to Pedigree.com, the first decision to be made regarding a new puppy is its name. A short name with a strong consonant at the end facilitates training, because the dog can always hear it clearly and respond to it. It is also important to associate the puppy's name with pleasant things and experiences, such as food and playing. Then, when the puppy hears its name, it associates it with happiness and is more likely to listen. Consistently and positively rewarding a puppy with treats and affection also helps it learn commands.

Pedigree.com describes various ways in which owners confuse their dogs during training. Repeating words is one such confusing action. If a puppy does not respond to a command, repeating it only confuses it further. Using inconsistent words for the same command can also confuse a dog. Finally, because dogs understand tone of voice more easily than actual words, it is important to use a firm, unquestioning tone while giving commands.

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