What Are Some Tips for Training a Great Pyrenees?

tips-training-great-pyrenees Credit: jean gill/E+/Getty Images

The Great Pyrenees Club of America says that it's important to show a Great Pyrenees who is the master, or the dog may decide to be his own master. Never give a command unless it can be enforced.

Great Pyrenees puppies are easy to housebreak if simple, consistent rules are followed. Leash-break puppies by coaxing them to follow and walk next to the handler. Teach young puppies the meaning of the word "no," encourage them to come when called, and teach them to sit down on command using games and praise.

When the puppy is six months old, begin formal obedience training. Be selective when choosing an obedience instructor; a good instructor uses methods tailored to each dog and is aware that a Great Pyrenees does not always respond easily to training.

Great Pyrenees are easily bored, so avoid drilling and repetition. Keep training lessons very short. Because the breed tends to be slow-moving, it is often easy to teach stationary exercises, such as "stay," but more challenging to teach a brisk heel or a quick recall.

Experiment to find the right balance of corrections and rewards. Most Great Pyrenees are not interested in retrieving games with toys and are easily distracted. Training for attention and retrieving may take a lot of work but can be done.