What Are Some Tips for Training a Dog?


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According to the ASPCA, tips for training a dog often include keeping task times short, focusing on one aspect of training at a time and rewarding the dog's good behavior. It is often said that a dog is "man's best friend," but developing a relationship with a dog can take time and effort.

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What Are Some Tips for Training a Dog?
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Similar to a young child, dogs are not thought to have long attention spans. Because of this nature, it is important to teach a dog some tricks only in short bursts. This way, a dog will be able to retain what it has learned more easily.

Also, training tasks should be broken down into small, manageable chunks. Focus on one stage at a time before moving onto the next level. This will also help with patience because the dog will not get frustrated at not being able to follow commands.

Finally, dogs learn best when they are acknowledged. This is done best through a reward of some kind, such as dog biscuits. Rewarding a dog reinforces what it has just learned because the animal will link certain behavior to a prize. Ideally, dogs should be praised for good behavior rather than punishing them for not following human commands.

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