What Are Some Tips on Taking Care of Rabbits?


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When taking care of a rabbit, feed the rabbit plenty of hay; provide it with a quiet place to sleep and room to play, and socialize with it regularly. Rabbits are very prolific breeders, so separate members of the opposite sex. Spay or neuter the animal as soon as possible to reduce spraying and prevent unwanted litters.

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The primary food source for rabbits is hay, followed by dry pellets. Choose plain pellets that don't contain nuts or seeds. Feed the rabbit dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, turnip greens, basil, mustard greens and leaf lettuces daily. Carrots, bananas and apples are acceptable as an occasional treat, but keep the quantity low. Avoid feeding a rabbit spinach, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage. Be sure to provide the rabbit with fresh water every day, and change it regularly.

A rabbit needs a quiet, safe, indoor place to sleep and live. If you have more than one rabbit, house them together in a large cage with newspaper on the bottom. Place a litter box lined with newspaper covered with hay in a corner of the cage in a spot where the rabbit has urinated before. Don't line the litter box or the cage with pine or cedar chips, as these can be toxic. Place the cage away from heat and barking dogs.

Make sure to let the rabbit out regularly for proper exercise and socialization. Have a safe place outdoors where the rabbit can run, such as a dog run lined with carpet. Stroke the rabbit; talk to it, and play with it on a daily basis. Rabbits often enjoy affection and nuzzling.

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