What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of English Bulldog Puppies?


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English bulldog puppies overheat easily, so it is important to keep them indoors during hot weather and keep an eye out for signs of overheating during exercise. Puppies need plenty of fresh water to help them stay hydrated and cool.

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What Are Some Tips for Taking Care of English Bulldog Puppies?
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When the puppy first comes home from the breeder, it is best for it to stay on the same feeding program for a little while. Sudden dietary changes can cause an upset stomach, so new owners should gradually transition the puppy to a preferred feeding program if they want to change it.

Puppies need veterinary care on a regular basis. They need a series of vaccinations to help them build immunity to dangerous diseases, and they should have limited exposure to other dogs or high-traffic areas until fully vaccinated.

Early training and socialization is important for English bulldog puppies, especially since the breed can be stubborn at times. Puppies generally respond best to positive training, especially when it comes to house-training. Scolding or otherwise punishing a puppy for relieving itself in the house can cause the puppy to fear people and make house-training harder in the long run. English bulldogs, like all puppies, may chew on everything within reach. Owners need to be diligent about supervising them and preventing access to shoes, children's toys and other inappropriate objects and provide plenty of appropriate puppy toys.

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