What Are Some Tips for Shiba Inu Training?


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The independent, aloof nature of the Shiba Inu can lead to behavior problems unless the dog is heavily socialized with people as well as other dogs. Therefore, the most important goal of training a Shiba Inu is socialization. If an owner is unsure about his Shiba Inu's social skills and development, an evaluation by a professional trainer may be required.

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What Are Some Tips for Shiba Inu Training?
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It's best to train a Shiba Inu puppy early, ideally at 6 weeks old. A Shiba Inu puppy bores easily, so an owner should keep lessons short. Shibas are extremely intelligent and basic commands are usually picked up quite easily. It’s critical to invite lots of different types of people to come over and interact positively with the dog. These visitors should participate in feeding, play and training. The first four months are an important time for the Shiba Inu, as this is when the dog learns how to react to social and environmental stimuli.

Older dogs can be socialized, but it takes longer. During the first weeks in a new home, an owner should introduce friends and neighbors to his adopted Shiba Inu and encourage good behavior. i Love Dogs, Inc. recommends keeping a box of dog treats outside the front door so visitors can grab one and give it to the dog upon entering the home. If the dog is doing well socially, the guest can ask the dog to sit before giving the dog the treat.

If the dog is having social or behavioral issues that the owner cannot correct, the owner is encouraged to call a trainer for an in-house consultation and a series of individualized training sessions.

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