What Are Some Tips for How to Get Rid of Fisher Cats?

The best way to keep fisher cats (also known as martens) away is to take away any potential food sources or hiding places. This includes keeping poultry and rabbits properly penned, not leaving pet food out, covering trash cans, and keeping pets indoors. If you suspect fisher activity in your yard, then you may have to temporarily remove suet bird feeders. Common hiding sites such as brush, tree stumps and rotting logs should be removed.

Fisher cats were once hunted to near extinction because their fur was considered valuable. With protection, they are becoming more common. Because they are protected, there are strict regulations on how they can be removed. Pest control companies are usually licensed to trap fisher cats that have become troublesome. Hunting them is only allowed during certain times of the year.

Since their populations have increased in recent times, they have become a pest predator in some areas. Fisher cats usually hunt at night and are known for killing small pets and poultry. Poultry keepers must make sure they use strong materials to protect their birds as fisher cats can work hard to get in. Their powerful teeth and jaws are able to chew through chickenwire and wood.