What Are Some Tips for Rescuing a Yorkie?


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When rescuing a Yorkie, check with animal shelters, general- or small-breed rescue groups or groups dedicated to rescuing Yorkies. Responsible breeders may also take in abandoned Yorkies or act as foster homes until the dogs are rescued.

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Animal shelters or rescue groups for small dog breeds often refrain from keeping their dogs in kennels and prefer foster homes instead. This helps volunteers get a head start in basic obedience training and to understand the dog's behavior better. Getting a Yorkie from these groups makes it easier to find the right one. Yorkie-specific rescue centers have many older Yorkies that owners surrender to these facilities. There are also many puppies rescued from bad owners, puppy mills and financially struggling breeders. The dogs in most Yorkie rescues are spayed or neutered and evaluated before adoption.

When choosing a Yorkie from a general rescue center, be prepared to fill in applications and go through interviews before adopting the rescue dog. Many rescued Yorkies at these centers are adults or adolescents, so consider what is necessary to care for an adult dog. Rescued dogs often come from unknown backgrounds, and behavioral or health problems may be unpredictable. Adopting a Yorkie even of unknown background is, however, a chance to rescue it from possible euthanasia.

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