What Are Some Tips for Rescuing a Chihuahua?

New Chihuahua owners should prepare their homes and routines before actually rescuing the dog and bringing it home. This helps reduce stress and lets the dog settle into its new home more easily.

If there are other dogs already living in the home, they should be introduced on neutral ground first, such as a quiet park. This reduces the chances of any territorial issues arising and makes a successful meeting more likely. Both dogs should be on leashes, and walking them near each other without letting them interact can help them relax.

Dogs do well with set routines, so Chihuahua owners should try to stick to them. They should feed the dog at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time each night. Taking regular trips outside to encourage the dog to relieve itself is a good idea, since rescue Chihuahuas may not always be housebroken.

Although it is tempting to show off a new dog to friends and family, new owners should try to limit interactions to immediate family members until the dog has a chance to settle down. Chihuahuas can be nervous and intimidated by strangers, and exposing them too early may lead to a bite. Although Chihuahuas are usually lap dogs, it is also a good idea for the new owners to avoid forcing any attention on the dog. Instead, they should let the dog approach them when it is ready.