What Are Some Tips for Renting Horse Trailers?


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When renting a horse trailer, ask the representative of the horse trailer rental company what the company policy is on emergency rentals, particularly whether renters can expect 24/7 emergency service. Also, make sure that the company contract specifies the specific trailer up for rent by verifying the trailer's vehicle identification number.

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Additional tips for renting horse trailers include investigating insurance policies offered either by the rental company or by its associates. In most U.S. states, insurance companies need to provide liability insurance on trailers towed by the vehicles of their clients. Professional horse trailer rental companies are familiar with and adhere to local legislation concerning specialty insurance for horse trailers. Additionally, the horse trailer rental company should provide comprehensive and collision insurance on its trailers.

When speaking with a horse trailer rental company, be sure to ask about driver requirements. Drivers may be required to meet special conditions concerning their driving records, age or possession of a special license.

Before renting a horse trailer, be sure that the specific trailer in question is compatible with the vehicle that is expected to tow it. Check the towing requirements of the rental company's trailers; it may be necessary to install a trailer hitch.

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