What Are Tips for Removing Dog Urine From Carpet?


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The best way to remove dog urine from carpets is to soak up the liquid as quickly as possible with absorbent material and then pour water on the area before sponging it dry. A mixture of detergent, water and vinegar can then be used to flush the area, repeating as necessary. When the area is dry, brush it well to blend it into the surrounding carpet.

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According to Lorene Bartos of the Lancaster, Pa., County Extension, the key to the whole process is to start quickly. Bartos explains that most urine stains are easy to counter within the first few hours. The success of these efforts depends on the content of urine, the dyes in the carpet and the length of time that the urine is in contact with the carpet before it is removed.

Depending on how quickly the stain is cleaned up and the original color of the carpet, discoloration may occur. This can be caused by a chemical reaction between the carpet and the urine. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about such discolorations. There are many commercial products available for removing stains, but they are not helpful in preventing chemical discoloration. The only way color can be restored in these cases is by applying dyes that match the carpet color.

Although it is possible to remove the actual urine from the surface of the carpet, there may still be odors that linger after the stain is removed, and these may seep into the flooring under the carpet. In these cases, carpet and upholstery deodorants may help. The most severe cases may require removal of the carpet and treatment for the flooring underneath.

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