What Are Some Tips for Raising a Lab Puppy?


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Labrador retrievers are smart, energetic dogs, so most tips for training a puppy relate to channeling their energy and keeping them engaged. Otherwise, Labrador puppies need the same basic care as other puppies.

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What Are Some Tips for Raising a Lab Puppy?
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First, Labrador puppies need a safe environment. While they can withstand extremes of temperature, they feel more comfortable in cooler temperatures. The puppy shelter should be well-ventilated in the summer. Puppies also need shade and a lot of fresh water.

Labs love to run. However, they should never be allowed to run unsupervised. A fenced yard is ideal. Full-grown Labradors can jump as high as 6 feet, so a tall fence with a coyote guard is best. Gates and doors need to be securely latched and locked, because Labs are notorious escape artists.

Spend at least 10 minutes a day training the new puppy. For their safety, Lab puppies need to learn how to sit and how to heel. This allows the owner to secure the dog in case of danger. Since Labs are so eager to please, training should be reward-based. While treats are helpful, Labrador puppies are ecstatic to receive praise and attention from their owners. Whatever the chosen method, keep it consistent so the dog does not get confused.

Labradors instinctively do not like to urinate or defecate where they sleep. Therefore, crating puppies at night is an effective way to house train them. Otherwise, frequent trips outdoors with verbal commands and rewards work for house training a Lab puppy.

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