What Are Tips for Raising Guppies?


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Keeping newborn guppies in a separate breeding tank, providing plenty of shelter and following the right feeding regime are important tips to consider when raising guppies. Guppy fry are vulnerable to attack, and they require hiding places and diets that promote rapid growth.

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What Are Tips for Raising Guppies?
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Although guppies are born fully formed, newborn fry are tiny. Larger tank mates usually eat them. Consider keeping the fry in a separate breeding tank and adding them to a community tank once they've grown.

Adult guppies don't take care of their young; remove the male before the birth of the fry and the female immediately after to prevent cannibalism. Alternatively, provide plenty of hiding places using rooted and floating plants with fine leaves.

Include newly hatched brine shrimp in the diet of guppy fry because it offers the greatest growth potential, and increasing their body size makes them less attractive snacks for their tank mates. These omnivores also appreciate vegetable flakes; standard flakes; and live, frozen and freeze-dried foods. Avoid coarse foods unsuitable for guppies' small mouths. Feed the fry twice a day, and remove the food that remains uneaten after 5 minutes. Good water quality and filtration keep young guppies healthy and stimulate spawning in adults. Female guppies give birth to 20 to 40 fry at a time, with larger females birthing more fry.

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