What Are Some Tips for Raising Goats for Meat?


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Raising goats for meat involves making several decisions throughout the ownership process. Owners need to choose the right breed, figure out their housing and fencing requirements, and find the proper food, forage and care for their goats.

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The best meat goats live on a diet of forage, which consists of shrubs, grasses and even small trees that exist in overgrown fields, according to Small Farm. Cows or sheep can live on grass alone, but goats cannot. Owners should make sure that their forage is high-quality and dense so that the goats can put on weight efficiently. Owners may also need to supplement the feed with hay or pellets if the goat does not eat enough foraged food.

Owners should also make sure that their goats remain healthy by investing in a good foundation for the animals, says Small Farm. Goats need to have proper housing to keep them safe and comfortable from the elements, fencing to allow them to walk and exercise, and healthy feed to allow them to put on weight. Meat goats need a clean and draft-free shelter, and the fencing should be sturdy enough to prevent the goats from escaping or getting lost when they wander around their enclosures.

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