What Are Some Tips for Raising Blue Heeler Puppies?


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To care for a blue heeler puppy, also called an Australian cattle dog, begin socializing it early, ensure it has plenty of exercise and groom it regularly, says DogTime.com. Grooming not only keeps the dog clean and healthy, but it helps the dog owner to look for possible skin conditions, growths or other issues with the coat or skin.

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Letting the blue heeler puppy start socializing early and getting it used to different surroundings allows it to grow up more comfortable and less timid, according to DogTime.com. Puppy obedience class with other dogs is a good option, as it allows the dog to get used to being around other dogs, which further helps it learn to behave well. Bring the dog to areas with other people, such as on walks around the neighborhood and to nearby parks.

Blue heeler puppies do best when there is a yard or other means of physical activity available, notes DogTime.com. This is not the best dog for small apartments or being left alone for a long time. It needs regular social interaction and mental stimulation. Play with the dog often, and let it outside to play and go on adventures. This is a great dog for people with a ranch or farm, but it also does well with a fenced yard.

Feed the puppy according to its activity level and age, says DogTime.com. Blue heeler dogs that are more active need more food. The size, metabolism and build of the dog can also change how much food it requires. Feed the dog twice a day, aiming for about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 cups during each feeding.

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