What Are Some Tips for Raising Baby Chickens As Pets?

When raising baby chickens as pets, hand feed them properly while they are still young. Chickens are inquisitive, lively and energetic creatures, but they can be tamed if handled properly. Always provide food and clean water, and make sure that the temperature inside their shelter is comfortable and constant to help prevent excessive pecking that may lead to cannibalism among chicks.

Tame baby chickens while young by building trust and close connection. Feeding them with your hands easily closes in the distance and allows the chicks to be more comfortable with your presence. Stay calm and quiet so as not to induce panic or fear among the baby chickens. Just as with other animals, taming chicks can take some time. Some breed of chickens may also be less sociable and outgoing and may need to be coaxed into domestication.

Chickens naturally like to peck at almost everything, including their fellow chickens; this habit often starts when they are young. To prevent excessive pecking among chicks, make sure their shelter has adequate food and water and properly ventilated. Having a separate brooder and isolating chicks that peck excessively can also thwart the behavior. Check the chicks for external parasites and nutritional deficiencies as well, as these may spur the excessive pecking.