What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Miniature Bulldog Puppies?


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Miniature bulldogs have health problems that are similar to their larger counterparts, such as breathing and whelping difficulties, overheating, knee and hip problems, and itchy skin. Puppies should be purchased from a reputable breeder to minimize the risk of inherent health problems.

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Miniature bulldogs have gentle temperaments and are ideally suited to family life. They are social and friendly and crave attention in order to thrive.

This breed is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and fares best in a temperate climate. Mini bulldogs should not be expected to run or walk long distances in warm weather due to breathing difficulties and trouble with cooling themselves.They should never be left alone outside in hot weather as they are susceptible to heat stroke. Miniature bulldogs are extroverted with a scrappy nature that may prove difficult when living with other larger dogs.

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