What Are Some Tips for Puppy Training for Dummies?

tips-puppy-training-dummies Credit: patty_c/E+/Getty Images

Dog owners should start training as soon as possible after getting a puppy. Dogs that start training earlier have an easier time with the process as a whole. Trainers should be confident and strong when teaching commands, rewarding ideal behaviors and actions. Walking puppies teaches them to follow their master, but it also takes away energy to make the training a more effective process.

A puppy's brain is similar to an infant's, and it's at these earlier ages that development progresses at its fastest pace. Additionally, puppies are naturally looking for a leader to follow, and starting the training right away helps build their trust. Owners should be consistent with the training and make sure to always reward desired behavior and dispel negative ones. Rewards don't have to be a treat. Insteads, rewards can take the form of praise or attention. Involving too many treats in training can lead to obesity and a variety of health problems. Once a puppy develops trust for its owner, housebreaking becomes an easier process. Leash training is very effective in the housebreaking process as it allows the owner to demonstrate exactly where acceptable elimination areas are outside. Regular exercise is also an important factor for training. A short walk before training allows puppies to practice following their master as well as expend some of the puppy's natural energy, which frees them to focus more on the training.